You’ve just had a baby or more and your body has passed through the toughest but most enchanting experience ever. Now you have to worry about what to wear without looking or feeling pregnant. Remember it took nine months for your body to change into what it is now, and it might be almost impossible to bounce back into your postpartum body. Well, except for some fitfam mommies.

The trick is to go easy on yourself. There will be some shrinking, healing, sagging and some flabs. It’s perfectly normal. Accept this new body and make it work for you while working on getting fit. Check out these postpartum must-haves.



Buy good quality, comfortable and affordable nursing bras. You might want to avoid underwired bras because they tend to become really uncomfortable when you have to sleep in them. Nursing bras are made to be cozy and easy for mommies and even for babies when breastfeeding.



You don’t just look lovely in these, they’re also great for nursing. Add a few button down shirts or dresses to your wardrobe but avoid form fitted ones. You’ll only need to pop open a few buttons and you’re ready to nurse, barely exposing any skin.




Stay away from tight dresses and opt for the ones that are easy to slip in and out of. Also, go for V-neck or low neck dresses for easy nursing.



A simple pair of black leggings matches with virtually everything. Pair it with a tunic and you’re good to go all nursing day. A pair of leggings is a pregnant woman’s bestie and they continue to be, even post-baby. They streamline the legs and hold in extra skin. Go for stretchy ones so you don’t feel wrapped up. Also, choose high waist leggings as they can accentuate a curve or two and keep your tummy covered while breastfeeding.



A night will come when you’ll need to storm the town with your partner or friends and that dress will not look right without a little curve on the waist. Get a waist trainer or body shaper like Spanx to solve this problem. They support sagging postpartum bellies and boost your confidence to step out like a model. Besides looking for temporary slimming results, some women have turned to the belly wrap in order to snap their postpartum tummy back into non-existence. (If you want to go this route, seek advice from a fitness expert and your doctor)





They just don’t make you look good, they’re also great for easy nursing. You can tighten the wrap as you shed baby fat.



The thought of these might make you cringe at first but once you try them on, you fall in love with them. They grow with the belly and come in different styles; skinny, petite, tall and loose. They’re not only comfortable to wear because of your postpartum tummy, but they’re also chic and stylish.


While going on your postpartum body shopping, remember to go for dark colours as they tend to make the body look slimmer. Love and respect your new body. It carried a whole human, birthed it and now you have the chance to watch that human grow. You’ve been nothing but noble!



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