perfect mom

We all want to be that perfect mommy. At one point in a girls life, we imagine how we want motherhood to look like. I remember i used to say that i would make my kids super close, never yell, teach them how to stay calm and not ruin the entire living space. I used to say I’m never going to add weight so I’m just going to look like my kid’s sisters. lol! well i am a mommy today and i realised that I yell sometimes, i sometimes watch the kids ruin the living space when to keep my cool and i realise weight loss comes with pregnancy and its okay, i learnt to workout later and above all, i need all the help i can get.

Want to be the perfect mommy? Here is what i think you should do.

  1. Get good help. A paid housekeeper who does a good job of keeping the house clean.
  2. There are very affordable washing machines lately, Get washing machines For The Laundry and if you can’t afford a washing machine pay people to do the washing.
  3. Get Enough sleep
  4. Get A Nanny
  5. Have a weekly alone date or maybe with hubby

Well at the end of the day you are not too stressed, you have that glow and you are that happy perfect mommy.

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