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Man Crush Monday: Dr. Yohans Wodaje Emiru

Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday: Dr. Yohans Wodaje Emiru is an Ethiopian entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Telemed Medical Services. Dr. Yohans has extensive experience in adult, maternal, and children’s health. Telemed Medical Services is firm with a mission to enable Ethiopians access to fast, reliable and affordable healthcare services. It allows people to call from anywhere, anytime in search of instant healthcare services via its flagship product, HelloDoctor. HelloDoctor is a centralized call center where people can access numerous services such as medical consultations, ambulance dispatch or home-care booking. The company also has Patient-Center Engagement and Tracking Services that allows for remote monitoring of patients with chronic conditions such as HIV and TB via mobile phones.

HelloDoctor has received over 80,000 calls. They have directly impacted over 50,000 individuals. They also help patients to save money by calculating every phone call received and saving their patients $3 in healthcare expenses.

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