Mom-shaming amongst moms is getting high lately.  Over the years i have realized that moms tend to have different opinions that make them think they are better than another mom.  for example, you hear things like “oh! I had a natural birth and you had a cesarean so, i am a strong mom and you are lazy”. Everything about this statement is wrong.

Below are some mom-shaming that needs to stop.

  1. Working moms shaming stay at home moms saying they have no purpose and stay at home moms also shaming working moms saying they are too ambitious and have no time for their kids. it doesn’t matter which fence you are on, we all have a reason for where we are and what we do. Let us learn to respect each other.
  2. It’s great news if you lose the baby weight in one month but please don’t go about calling another mom lazy.
  3. Not every woman has it easy with breastfeeding, please don’t go lashing out on moms using the bottle.


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