2020-04-04 10:15:37 AM

Now that you’re 16 weeks pregnant, things must be getting pretty exciting. You may have another antenatal visit this week, where you will get to hear baby’s heartbeat again. You might also start to feel your baby kick subtly. Your baby can also hear your voice now and she’ll recognize it at birth, time to … Continue reading “16 WEEKS PREGNANT”

The Grisly Chronicles of Dr. G.

2020-03-13 4:09:28 PM

Gynaecology calls were never my favourite as an intern, if anyone had said I’d be working mostly with women now I’d have rebuked the devil. True to my thoughts, I am not a gynaecologist but in my line of diagnostic medicine most of my patients are those with gynaecological problems such as infertility, pregnancy and … Continue reading “The Grisly Chronicles of Dr. G.”