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Top 7 Surefire Productivity Hacks

It’s normal to get lost while working, or get tired or sleep off or just give up. Due to a number of reasons which vary from person to person. African mommy brings you 7 sure fire hacks to utilize your time smartly and achieve more.

• Create a To do: Easier said than done right? Well it’s worth it and is easier to follow if you create a simple, short specific to do with realistic, specific deadlines. You May need a planner for this or you can create one digitally, be precise with your tasks, do not over load (the goal is to get things done, no matter how few) tick each one off watch how you progress.

• Set time and a comfortable spot aside for work: Most times, all we need to get things done might be; the right timing, the right place or the right person. Test these out, if working in the afternoon wears you out, switch to late nights or cool early mornings, if working in your room distracts you, find a cool shade, use your garden, try out different spots until you find your comfort zone, with time you’ll be able to decide what time, spot helps you achieve more.

• Break big projects into smaller Tasks: this is a no brainer. It’s the easiest time management hack to implement. Having a book to finish in 3 days might be overwhelming, it won’t look the same when you give yourself a deadline of 6 hours to finish 3 chapters. On aggregate you get to still finish on or before 3 days, with less pressure. Easy does it!

• Reward yourself with Breaks: Why not? Small rests here and there bring up a refreshed memory, a rest is basically a reset system, fresh and new, ready to go again, this works best when you split bigger tasks, helps you get more done, leaves you fresh to get even more done!

• Outsource what you’re not good at: again, easy does it outsourcing for a small fee saves the stress and time (because you might end up outsourcing anyway) figure out your strengths, build on them, outsource your weaknesses, you’ll learn that you get more done that way, save time focus on your actual strong points.

• Remove distractions: You might get tempted to watch Netflix, fiddle on Instagram and WhatsApp so take yourself far away from familiar distractions, most distractions take your mind totally away and lead to procrastination!

• Appreciate and celebrate Progress: No matter how small, beating procrastination with all the hacks above give you a massive boost to keep going, you’ve come this far, so why not?

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