Most people believe that love is a magical sensation. Thanks to the movies and soaps that created this euphoria far too many people want. Yet, you know you love your parents and kids even when there are no butterflies running in your stomach.

Love is beyond feelings, love is not a feeling. love is an action word, love is a verb. Below are actions you can imbibe to show your kids that you love them.

1. Hold hands.

2. Give them hugs and hold on to them a bit.

3. Say thank you and kiss their forehead when they try to do something for you.

4.  Start and keep  family traditions like movie nights

5. Spend time alone with each child. it doesn’t matter if it’s just five minutes it will mean a lot.

6. Play dress up

7. cook their favourite meal

8. Share something unique about each child

9. Put away your phones, computer or  tablet and listen to your kids

10. Give piggyback rides

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