Screen Addiction: 5 Ways to Limit Screen Time for Kids

2022-03-03 11:14:27 AM

Screen time isn’t bad. With moderation, it comes with some benefits for children and even adults. Kids stay entertained, they learn new information in engaging ways and their motor skills and coordination may improve through video games and the like. Some smartphone apps also encourage healthy lifestyles. But if screen time is going through the … Continue reading “Screen Addiction: 5 Ways to Limit Screen Time for Kids”

5 Unique Date Night Ideas

2021-09-21 7:29:34 PM

Relationships need a lot of work in order for to survive, and yet many couples always seem to be too busy with work, the kids and so many other things, they can barely have a little together time. We feel too tired to go out, date nights are too expensive or we’re just not interested … Continue reading5 Unique Date Night Ideas