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Ever spent time with children, then you already know how they digest and imitate what they see and hear. By merely being present in a room., children understand and absorb much more than we can imagine. As a parent, you should never say these in front of your kids

Do not pour out all the things that bother you with a child/children — things like your finances, clothing, food. Those concerns are for adults we shouldn’t train our kids with this. As the kids grow up, we can explain to them in ways they can understand.

Ensure that you never use offensive language at home. It doesn’t matter if you were trying to be funny, please do not use abusive words. Children aged 6-26 pick up such language very quickly. They may not understand the meaning or seriousness of the words, but they may think that it is okay to use them especially if they hear you say it.

Tell your kids the truth. tell them that needle hurts and explain why, do not lie to them to pacify them, tell them they will need it t get healthy. Little things like these do matter when it comes to building a child’s trust.

Many parents make an utter mistake of telling friends that life was easy and better before having kids. If a child hears such comment from their parents, it will inevitably affect that child /children negatively. they may even start to feel guilty and unloved

Body shaming is a strict no-no. No matter what!

You might be a busy parent but never tell your child that you do not have time for them because you have more important things to do. Your child will feel unloved. Instead, explain t them and make them understand why you can’t make it and don’t forget to add that you love him/her.



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  1. Great post! Children are like a fertile land waiting for seeds to be planted on them. We have to be careful what we say to them so we don’t plant bad seeds in their minds

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