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The exciting things in life are the different people we meet, and the different experiences. Relationships are an essential part of making life interesting. They come with new ideas, lessons, insights, change and more. Just as we know, every relationship requires time and nurturing for growth and time is not luxury especially for single, working moms.

Your child’s needs should be your Priority
As a parent, your child’s needs should be top on your priority list. It comes before who you are dating. As much as you deserve an adult time, you should know that your child deserves for his/her needs to be met by you. You should take care of a child’s needs before date nights.

Spend quality time with your child. Go out and do fun things you and your child will never forget. It doesn’t matter if it’s sitting on the couch and watching cartoons together or reading a book. Spending time to do these things are essential in building a bond, and it also helps your child to be accepting of your decision to date again.

Designate Quality time for the person you are dating. You can achieve this by setting times for calling and time for date nights that works for both of you.

Have open communication with who you are dating. Never estimate the power of effective communication as it is the key to any productive relationship. When you make who you are dating aware of your schedule with or without your child, and when you also listen to his, you provide them with a sense of inclusion and you will be able to find a time that works for the both of you.

Try to have some alone time to relax and reboot for your good and the good of everyone.

Do not try to rush the time you spend with your kids to be with someone else unless it is an emergency. The time spent with your child is as important as time spent with your love interest

Parenthood is a blessing. No one should take it for granted. I understand that adult must spend time with themselves and others, it is important to balance it so that in the end everyone is happy.


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