My Wedding Vendors Nightmare

Let’s face it, your wedding is one of the most important days you will remember and a very expensive day too. It comes with rigorous and meticulous planning to make sure everything goes as planned.  Trust me, it’s nerve-racking to see your vendor make things go terribly wrong.

In my experience, my photographer was horrible. The guy was talented but he was just so uninterested. I don’t know what his case may have been. Anyways, the guy is Nigerian based but he travels abroad often. While he was in the U.S, where I live. We arranged for our pre-wedding shoot to be taken. My little sister was with us during the shoot and he literally yelled at her for not helping him carry his camera. I thought that was strange but we kind of just let it go. Then he started complaining about how hungry he was but to be fair, we were all hungry at this time so that was fine. I guess we weren’t getting his poses right so occasionally he will yell at us to pose like this and pose like that. At a point, I had to tell him that we weren’t models and we deserved to be spoken to in a manner we can understand. Oh! It got worse! The shoot ended late at night, we ate dinner and dropped him off.

Fast forward to the engagement, the guy was just something else – yelling at my friends for not showing up on time, yelling at virtually everyone. A voice inside said not to be a bridezilla, so I kept my cool.

The wedding was 2 days after the engagement and he came with a very strong face. Lmao! The kind of look that would make one think he was not fully paid for the Job.  I totally ignored his attitude this time, I just wanted to get nice pictures. Everything was going fine until he got into a physical altercation with a guy in the police band at the wedding. The funny thing is my husband and his friends had his assistant during their dress up and they had a stellar review about the assistant. How I wished I got his assistant and called it a day – at least, I would have saved my self some money and drama. LOL!

After the wedding, oga photographer send the photos now, this guy refused to send the wedding pictures o. He promised to get us the pictures 2 weeks after the wedding, we didn’t get it until about 6 weeks afterwards. Our photobook nko, he didn’t give that to us until 4 months after the wedding. I swear he is dead to me!

The other terrible vendor I had was the DJ. OMG, before the wedding, I sent him some songs for the first dance – do you know that he messed it up. As in, there was radio silence in between songs. What was his excuse? The songs were different songs. I’m like DUH – are they supposed to be the same songs? Isn’t that why I hired a DJ and didn’t just play from my phone! Sigh, then for the after party, the guy was playing old school 80s music – I was like Mr. man! Please play some trap music jare –give us some millennia hip hop mixed with naija gbedu.

The third disappointing vendor was mywedding planner – I had planned all of the major activities and really just needed a coordinator to help make sure things were ok plus I had some minor outstanding things to sort out. When I reached out to a few people, I just couldn’t justify their prices so a family friend reached out to me to use her services. She had just planned her wedding on a very limited budget and it was successful. I thought that was my lottery ticket but boy was I wrong. This girl literally wanted a wedding that was going to trend and her definition of that was using big money vendors. I’m like are there not up and coming people that are just as good? She wouldn’t budge and really was not even working after I paid her the full money o. (Bad idea by the way). The tip of the iceberg was when I wanted a floor plan for my white wedding. We were using a hall with a capacity of 550 people, so I needed to organize the right sitting allocation for my parents, in-laws, friends, my husband and I. Basically, I needed a floor plan to help aid the venue management. Madam refused to give me floor plan o – telling me it was not necessary – seating charts don’t work in Nigeria. Omo! I had to fire her after that and said please give me back my money. Thankfully, she gave me back half of the money which I was more than happy with at that point. Thankfully I fired her and went somewhere else because when the floor plan came – can you believe my mom had planned around 40 of 550 tables? So, we had to deal with that and adjust her expectations.

Even with all the drama, in the end everyone who came said they had a good time. However, we the couple didn’t enjoy the experience.The wedding happened, leaving me all stressed, wishing we didn’t spend as much as we did and left us asking ourselves – is that it? LOL.

I spoke to a friend about my experience and it turns out I was better off! Her professional Photographer never brought her photo book, his excuse was that his camera was affected by virus, he needs to travel out of the country to go fix it! Its been 2years since she got married, no picture from her wedding! Her hubby keeps calling to threaten him but the photographer seems indifferent. Is there anything worse than not having pictures from your wedding?  Oh! Did I mention that I have not gotten my wall photo till date? Almost 2years ago and no wall photo!

Can you relate to my experience? Did you have a bad experience with your wedding Vendors? Please share in the comment section.


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