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5 Unique Date Night Ideas

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Relationships need a lot of work in order for to survive, and yet many couples always seem to be too busy with work, the kids and so many other things, they can barely have a little together time. We feel too tired to go out, date nights are too expensive or we’re just not interested because it’s not a real priority. The truth is, date nights are very important and you don’t even have to break the bank to get one. It is easier to have date nights more often if you keep them simple and very accessible. Check out these 5 simple date night ideas other than going out for dinner or to the movies.

1. Go on a Mini Road Trip

After being so caught up with work and raising a family, getting out on the road, even just for an hour or two out of town, is one of the best ways to spend time together and forget about everything else for a while. You get the chance to reconnect, discuss your future goals and desires. This will you put you both back on the same page and make sure you and your partner are happy. Before you leave, do some research about where to get food, or pack some home cooked meal to save cost.

2. Catch a Minor League Game

If you are both sport lovers, this will totally work for you. Watching a live game together can be so much fun. You get to scream and cheer as loud as you want. Snap some photos and create some memorable moments at the stadium. Have some drinks and snacks. Don’t forget forget cotton candy!

3. Create a Bucket List Together

This is more fun than you think. Having a couple’s/marriage bucket list will help your relationship with your spouse. You get the chance to dream together, share your deepest goals and heart desires which is very intimate. Write them all down and start planning. Start from the easiest, keep dreaming, preparing and accomplish big things together. Adventure, friendship and fun will keep you connected.

4. Go to a Karaoke bar  

You don’t have to be great singers to go on a karaoke date night. Have a drink or two, let loose and have fun with your partner singing along to your favourite songs.

5. Go to a Museum

This is an awesome way to learn something new with your partner. You get to see interesting things and the exhibits will definitely get you talking. You can sit and eat in the museum restaurant after taking a stroll around.

Date nights allow couples to catch up on what has been going on in one another’s life. You concentrate on each other instead of everyone else in your household so that you can truly appreciate what you have especially at those times it seems like you’re drowning in work and family life.

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