This is a really stressful  time but its still a great time to spend quality time with your family and bond.
You might however get overwhelmed when the kids start to act out because they have nothing to do, this list of fun things can help you keep them active with ease.

You can also seize the opportunity to try something new, or do some things you haven’t done in a long while. This list of fun ideas will get your child(ren)’s body moving, stimulate their minds and get their creativity going:

1. Bake with mom
2. Build a fort
3. Write stories
4. Play ‘would you rather’
5. Make dinner together
6. Learn a new language
7. Make indoor Hopscotch
8. Make a thankful jar
9. Workout together
10. Build your own games
11. Paint with watercolours
12. Build a cardboard castle
13. Do yoga
14 Learn about countries
15. Play board games
16. Build a fort
17. Play Charades
18. Make icecream in a bag
19. See a fun movie
20. Write songs
21. Put on a puppet show
22. Do karaoke
23. Learn about animals
24. Have a tea party
25. Play dominos
26. Make superhero costumes
27. Read books
28. Paint leaves
29. Make a time capsule
30. Make paper boats
31. Make hand print art
32. Draw each other
33. Learn a new song
34. Play Tic-tac-toe
35. Do a science project
36. Make button art
37. Stack cards
38. Decorate t-shirts
39. Make play dough
40. Make slime
41. Learn to sew
42. Learn to knit
43. Do brain teasers
44. Make bead art
45. Make bracelets
46. Put on a fashion show
47. Make a treasure hunt
48. Indoor bowling
49. Have a dance party
50. Draw a self portrait
51. Make scratch art


Having your kid(s) at home for an indefinite period may seem like a herculean task especially because kids almost always have a lot of energy to burn off. This list of fun indoor activities will keep them busy and without a dull moment!


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