As the year gradually comes to an end, it’s customarily in this part of the world to celebrate the year’s end with Christmas which is often celebrated with our family, friends and loved ones. The celebration is characterised by a lot of dinning and winning, shopping, visitation to important places and all.
As a great mom, here are best gifts to give to your children this Christmas season.

1. Give your kids the gift of your time.

Enough of the busy schedules, leaving for work at dawn and coming home at dusk during bed time, and so having very little time for your lovely children.
During this Christmas season and beyond, spend quality time with your children, talking with them, listening to their cries, sharing lovely memories with them. Go out on shopping, see movies, have nice time at amusement parks. Make the memory of the season last for a life time.

2. Give your kids the gift of Understanding How Blessed They Really Are.

Utilise the Christmas season to help the less fortunate, visit them at the less Privileged homes,IDPs or poor neighbours. Extend the love of Christmas to them. Explain to your kids that not all kids are as privileged as they are. Teach them to be grateful.They will be better people and always appreciate your efforts towards their success.

3. Give your kids the gift of Parents Who Aren’t Bankrupt in January.

Sadly, a lot of families spend all they life’s savings on Christmas celebration which leaves them bankrupt in January. Set a Christmas budget and stick to it. Get them gifts that your budget can afford. Be open with them about the budget and its implications and they will be glad you’ve saved the family from financial stress in January.

4. Give your kids the gift of knowing that Jesus is at the Center of Christmas.

Quite often, we put Christ on the back burner during Christmas celebration. Make time to go to Christmas eve service, read the Christmas story to them, make time to talk with your kids about who Jesus Christ is and what the Christmas season means for us, who believe in Him.

Take the best out of Christmas this year, and enjoy every moment of this season with your family, friends and loved ones.


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