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How To Get Your Kids Ready For School After The Holidays

getting kids ready for school

It’s been a great season and we all had fun with family. the kids are still excited and have left behind their routines.  Getting them to adjust may be difficult. They probably want to play when its time to study.  Here is how to get your kids ready for school after the holidays.

  1. Talk about school more often with your kids. Talk about their favourite teachers, talk about which friend they are looking forward to seeing.
  2. Read a book with your kids to help cultivate their reading habit and keeps their brain alive.
  3. Wake up early routine should start now.  Start waking your kids up at their normal school time, it helps them adjust before school resumes.
  4. Play educational games with your kids, that way they are learning and having fun too.
  5. Encourage your kids to set some school-related goals like getting straight A’s

Getting your kids back to school can be made easy with all of this listed above and you can give more tips in the comment section. Have a great time getting your kids back to school African Mommy’s!



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